iVMS cloud video management system is full digital network video management system, it not only provides high definition video and surveillance, but also integrates intelligent video recognize function, also, the chain headquarters can conduct authorization management level to level. This system provides most economic and safest protection to business management of chain enterprise.


Perfect management interface: Uniform management platform


It adopts cloud full function platform management network camera which differs from ordinary network camera which adopts DDNS or level 2 domain, etc for connection and viewing purpose. The user can conduct camera management, viewing and setting via the login platform. It does not need to remember various complicated IP addresses for different stores, the network online adopts P-to-P technique to improve the problem of unstable online.




Architecture chart of chain store


The headquarters or regional chief can directly view situation of each store via network, to enhance efficiency of store patrolling inspection. Also the store manager can at any moment know about situation of store via mobile phone.



Architecture diagram of plant area


Through privilege setting of management, each chief and protection staff of plant can at real time supervise the image or video archive, etc via computer, etc subject to their privilege, to realize cloud platform management mode.


  1. Host-free video management system: Through built-in SD card storage interface of IPCAM , SD cards of different capacities can be selected as per demand, the max. configuration is 128G, the video system does not need to additionally build the video recording host NVR, i.e., the video recording can be stored in the camera to have high efficiency management system with fairly low cost, and it is very appropriate for small chain store.
  2. NVR host video recording: In addition to built-in SD card of IPCAM, the system can also select NVR to provide video recording storage of longer time, such as video recording host of 16CH, 36CH, 48CH and 64CH, etc. It can also select NVR with RAID5 function to provide the system with more stable video recording data storage.
  3. Cloud video recording host: The video recording data is directly uploaded to cloud storage space via Internet, to realize the solution of different region storage and multiple stores and different region common-storage.


Application efficiency of chain store


Management center of headquarters: It can conduct level to level authorization management, to execute the functions as camera setting / monitoring / recording / playback, etc.



Regional chief: He can quickly supervise the situation in the store of each region at real time, to realize the function or remote store patrolling.


Store manager: He can use the mobile phone or tablet computer to at any moment supervise the situation in the store, if necessary he can at real time conduct video recording or shooting.


Emergent viewing of video recording: If it is required to view the video archive due to emergency situation of chain store, in addition to ensuring multiple backup of video data safety via iVMS, the video archive can also be remotely and quickly acquired in favor of evidence check and use for accident.