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iPlatform24 provides to you a solution to realize chain store warranty, marketing and management cooperation.



iVMS (Intelligent Video Management System)

The administrator can at any moment manage multiple network cameras via iVMS, the store manager or headquarters can also realize real time viewing and interaction via cloud.


IPVA (Intelligent Pedestrians Video Anslysis)

It at real time analyzes and provides the pedestrians flow information of each region, so that the headquarters can make more appropriate arrangement subject to hotspot commodities.


iDSS (Intelligent Digital Signage System)

It provides the most real time commodity information or company sales promotion activity, and the latest information can be online sent at any moment.


iEMS (Intelligent Energy Efficient System)

It provides to customer a healthy and comfort buying environment, and the air quality improvement plan is no time to delay.


iService (Intelligent Warranty Service Platform)

All equipment asset management and maintenance warranty shall help you to realize optimal management service via customer service management platform.